PEDRALBES Antique Terracotta - HAND PAINTED Fire-GLAZED Designs

BASILICA  Overview

Basilica collection is available in 5 glaze colors (design area), 16 background colors and 6 modular designs, in OHS texture only.

Designed by Judy Wrede

Click on any image to get detailed information and images for each group.

5 GLAZE Colors

GLAZE Colors (Design Area)

  • PW-Pure White
  • AW-Antique White
  • OC-Ochre
  • VG-Verdigris
  • SB-Satin Black



BACKGROUND Colors (Stained)

  • PSPS-Provence Straw
  • PSSW-Siena Wheat
  • PSTR-Traditional
  • PSCM-Camel Brown
  • PSOW-Old World
  • PSVN-Verona Brown
  • PSTG-Terra Grey
  • PSCO-Cologne Brown

BACKGROUND Colors (Glazed)

  • PGFW-Floral White
  • PGAW-Antique White
  • PGPW-Pergamino White
  • PGLW-Glacier White
  • PGGW-Golden W.
  • PGDW-Dirty W.
  • PGOG-Oyster Grey
  • PGCB-Carbon Black

Basilica DESIGNS

  • PGB-01 (4 Corners)
  • PGB-02 (Flower)
  • PGB-03 (4 Corners & Scroll)
  • PGB-04 (Flower Pattern)
  • PGB-11 (Border)
  • PGB-21 (Out Corner)



Glaze and Background Colors Info:  The combination of SATIN BLACK Glazed Color over CARBON BLACK Background Color is not available, as both colors are very similar, with no contrast between them, which makes the design not visible.   AW-Antique White GLAZE Color and AW-Antique White BACKGROUND color are not the same, as they are applied with different production methods, but can be combined together, as there is some contrast between them.   In addition of the usual variation of a hand made tile, all GLAZE Colors may have additional color variation due to the Stained or Glazed BACKGROUND Colors applied over them. The different absorption of the Fire-GLAZED design area will create these variations, as shown in the product images of this Collection.
















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