BARCINO Antique Terracotta - Stained COLORS

8 Stained Colors in 4 Textures

All Barcino textures are available in 8 colors. For more details about textures go to Barcino Textures page. Each color will react differently to each texture. All the possible variations are shown below, depending if the priority is given to the Texture or body style, because of look, thickness, price range, etc. (same Texture shown in 8 different Colors), or to the Color (same Color shown in the 4 different Textures). Click on any image for larger size view and details.


BARCINO Antique Terracotta: Colors by Texture

-  ANTIQUE (AQE) Texture (8 Colors)

-  RUSTIQUE (RQE) Texture (8 Colors)


-  Barcino VINTAGE (BVT) Texture (8 Colors)


BARCINO Antique Terracotta: Textures by Color

-  PROVENCE STRAW (BSPS) Stained Color (in 4 Textures)

-  SIENA WHEAT (BSSW) Stained Color (in 4 Textures)

-  TRADITIONAL (BSTR) Stained Color (in 4 Textures)

-  CAMEL BROWN (BSCM) Stained Color (in 4 Textures)

-  OLD WORLD (BSOW) Stained Color (in 4 Textures)

-  VERONA BROWN (BSVN) Stained Color (in 4 Textures)

-  TERRA GREY (BSTG) Stained Color (in 4 Textures)

-  COLOGNE BROWN (BSCO) Stained Color (in 4 Textures)


Availability: All items are custom made per order. No cancellations allowed. Allow 2 to 16 weeks for delivery, depending on item and quantity ordered. Most orders are supplied in 4 to 8 weeks.  Product Order: When placing an order, please SPECIFY TEXTURE, COLOR and FINISH for EACH item.  Finish: All items are available in Waxed or Matte finish. Waxed finish is recommended for all interior floor and wall applications, with a few exceptions like, shower walls and fireplace surrounds. See Recommended Applications page for more detailed information.  Final Finish: A Final Finish application, including grouted areas, with our recommended Wax (Interiors) or Stain (exteriors), and a maintenance program, are required to achieve the same look of the samples or sample boards used to specify the product.  Exterior Use: Exterior application is recommended for Warm Weather Areas ONLY. For exterior floor applications it is recommended to use the Vintage (CVT) texture, as it has a higher slip resistance. See Product Info pages for more detailed information.  Sizes: All sizes are NOMINAL and have the usual hand molded terracotta variations. If an EXACT measure is required, due to layout design or combination with other type of material, please contact us to evaluate all possibilities. Color Variations: All items are produced per order and therefore each order may have a slight difference in color or stain shade with other prior orders. Add-on orders may not have the exact same look as original orders. Decorative Tile Variations: All Decorative Designs items are handmade. Color and design variations, within the same tile or between tiles of the same lot, should be expected and accepted. Digital Colors: Product pictures are intended to be as accurate as possible and should be considered as approximations only. For aesthetic purpose, some pictures may have the grout areas filled using digital colors. Actual samples and/or grouted sample boards (with the Final Finish), representing the "finished" look of the installed tile, should be used in making a final decision.

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