PEDRALBES Antique Terracotta - HAND PAINTED Fire-GLAZED Designs




Click on any image to get ALL options available for each BACKGROUND Color.

BACKGROUND Colors (8 Glazed)

  • PGFW-Floral White
  • PGAW-Antique White
  • PGPW-Pergamino White
  • PGLW-Glacier White
  • PGGW-Golden W.
  • PGDW-Dirty W.
  • PGOG-Oyster Grey
  • PGCB-Carbon Black

BACKGROUND Colors (8 Stained)

  • PSPS-Provence Straw
  • PSSW-Siena Wheat
  • PSTR-Traditional
  • PSCM-Camel Brown
  • PSOW-Old World
  • PSVN-Verona Brown
  • PSTG-Terra Grey
  • PSCO-Cologne Brown






















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